“Wearing a Slow Fashion piece is like wearing a piece of art. It’s special and unique, just like you.

Fashion shouldn’t be about trends. Fashion should be about expressing yourself and wearing clothes that reflect who you are!”

CEO & Founder at LUS by Carolina Moreira

Minimalist and Timeless Sustainable Kimono Model


LUS by Carolina Moreira is a slow fashion brand based in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean: the Azores. The brand’s design is about Lightness, Uniqueness, and Simplicity, offering pieces that are timeless, special, and unique.

Our main goal is to contribute to more conscious consumption and a better future in fashion. The brand’s message focuses on simplicity and on what is really important in life and really fulfills ourselves as humans beings that we are.



Our minimalist design makes our garments go beyond time and space, offering them an extended life cicle.

As an ethical and eco-friendly brand, we choose to focus on natural and recycled fibres and zero waste practices, through a manufacturing process that is ethic, responsible, transparent and fair in all its stages.

All of our garments are made of high-quality materials that are made to last, and produced in Portugal in a small scale / made-to-order.



Born in São Miguel and passionate about minimalist fashion, Carolina Moreira graduated in Fashion Design in 2017 and founded LUS in 2018. She believes that design is a way of expressing emotions, that come to life through the art. The aesthetics of her work are based on minimalism and neutral colors, which build the smoothness and finesse that are already known to be a part of her creations.

LUS by Carolina Moreira is the outcome of a dream: the dream of launching her own clothing brand in the Azores. When she decided to graduate in fashion, she was already planning to launch the brand as soon as she returned home.

The concept of the brand was developed along with her fashion course and emerged after she became aware of the negative consequences of today’s fashion industry on the environment and human health. She has a deep connection to nature and to physical and emotional well-being, so Carolina decided to create a brand that would respect her ideals and respond to the urgent needs of the planet.

Thank you for choosing LUS!